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Axis of Evil

XS http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg19425994.000

They say that someone said that the background micro-wave radiation that the scientists hear, that were expected to be from the edges of the universe which were coming out as a result of big bang, may not actually be what they had expected it is.

“the pattern may be caused by the boundary between the Solar System and interstellar space where there is a sharp change in pressure, temperature and density of ions in space. Known as the termination shock, astronomers had thought this boundary was spherical. But last year, data from the Voyager spacecraft which have crossed the boundary, showed it was asymmetric. The new thinking is that [2]the termination shock acts like a giant lens, refracting light that passes through it. Any distortion of the lens ought to show up as a kind of imprinted pattern on an otherwise random image. But the real eye-opener is that as the shape of the termination shock changes (as the Solar Wind varies, for example), so too should the pattern in the microwave background. And there is tentative evidence that this is happening too.”

Thats obvious man. I had argued about this some 4 yrs back. But who listens to me! How can one think that radiations coming from outside solar system is from the edges of universe. There are a million things in between solar system and the edge of universe (if at all it exists!). Now if someone in between is emitting all these radiations, or if its sum total of all the small radiations emitted from various galaxies, or in some way which we cant detect, how will we know the difference?

BTW, I still dont find a reason why Einstein took the assumption that c is constant!!!