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Finally, the project is ready to go live!

Though the day was almost boring, I got the news, that I wanted to hear for past one week, which made my day. The project that I had been into has got a green signal. I dont really like the service area. Its easier when you are developing a product, which unlike client projects, we can decide how it should be, and make it as beautiful as we want. Perhaps its my boss’ influence, for I had started a firm that completely into service. Anyway, in the current project, I was doing one that was more of a copy of another project that was already a hit (of course a company with a funding of 110 million USD is something that has to be a hit, else anyone can make it one with such fundings!). But I loved it so far - keeping timelines, lot to learn and do some experimentation. Tomorrow is the day. Got to schedule things.