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Height of Insanity!

I was browsing facebook when I saw Anushree (a relative of mine) was asking Vinay (cousin) this: “To sm1 as spcl as u r-come…join me in spreadin insanity to d wrld.put urself to sme use,child.:-D”. The first thought that came to my mind was to create a FB page. I asked them to allow me aso join their group and spread insanity to the world! They allowed me and made me the brand ambassador and later on the “prandh ambassador”! For me the next logical step was to give name for the group. I asked for suggestions and Anu came up with this: “Insane-iyam”. And so I went and created the page in FB. We all started talking about the first steps that should be taken to accomplish the mission after the initial wonderment (only Anu was wonder stuck!) naturally faded away. I then suggested of creating a webpage for that and booked the domain. (This gave this blog its title!). Then I created a logo, dont know if I can upload it here. It think I will have to install some modules.. Ah.. Not now. Once Manu is back from airport the domain will be booked. So lemme start coding the new website!