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I cant lie???!!!!

Today I met with a Mallu in the flat that I live in. I am not supposed to say that I work at Webyana, the office of which is at H-802 in Gopalan Grandeur, to any of the residents at GG. The office being present in a residential area is not permitted it seems. When Pradeep was asked where he worked, I didnt even think that same question will be asked to me! He handled it so well. He is working at Accenture it seems (Oh My!). And I was asked the same question. Bhoom.. I was blank. I acted as if I didnt hear the question. Asked him to repeat the question. He asked again. With my hand trying to point in the direction of ITPL I said, “I work at… Nowhere! Job hunting!!!” He consoled me! Grrrrr… And told me that I will surely get one! Thanks man.. And then he asked how long I had been here. And I was like “Pretty long.. Around 3 or 4 months”. What??!! 3 or 4 months is pretty long? Yeah when you are searching for a job Einstein’s law can come into picture and even a minute might seem like years! But what the hell? I cant even lie in such a silly situation?? What the hell am I going to do in the future? This is absurd! Grow up man, learn to lie elegantly. Learn it from Pradeep!! But yeah, there is something that might be taken as a point that supports why I couldnt lie, I was in half sleep state! I know, that aint a proper excuse. Hmm..