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Some interesting days

I was supposed to post this long back… :)

I am too lazy to sit and type my blog… So its often very late when things appear in my blog. some good and quite interesting things had happened in the natural course of the wheel called time…

The first one was the workshop at Angadippuram. It was a class meant for pre 12th students. That clause would include all the students who participated. Hiran gave the students the introduction. The questions that came, though very few at first, were quite astounding. An eg may be that of the guy in a blue shirt. He wanted to know about the kernel. Well, quite everyone was aware of the term Freesoftware. This didnt mean that they fully recognised the meaning of the term, especially the exclusion of the term free in certain contexts like free cds (the most commomn among the FSF people out here in Kerala). They would be taking long time before they step into a world of such broader concepts. Conceving them is quite difficult. And exactly that seems to be the difficulty in the spreading of the ethics of the society.

I attended 2 days of the workshop. First day i missed the train. Pramodettan and appu went in the train. I tried getting it from Shornur. And i understood one thing, it takes more than an hour (at times) to reach Shornur from Thiroor! And of course, there is a direct bus to Perinthalmanna from Shornur at… (i forgot the time :)). It was a Mysore bus. I reached Angadippuram by 9.15. Class had not started yet. As if they were waiting for me!

I was asked to give them an introduction to office and all. But i didnt. As usual, quite reluctant to give speaches…. But i got good experience when i began concentrating them individually.. They were introduced to shell-scripting. i gave them some “difficult” tasks. It was indeed “difficult” to grasp the idea of logical reasoning. Thinking like a computer was differtent experience. perhaps they got a bit of feeling of it. I wanted to try this in children for long. It great t see them inspired. They were… I and Hiran went to have food from somewhat a ‘tattu-kada’ like hotel. First-time experience.. Food was ok. The noon was boring one. Electronics… :)

Hiran and I talked abt setting up a GNU lab. But he had no idea about the politics that goes about in the college. My tutour was perhaps among the “:(“ . A big draw-back indeed. It came to my notice much later though. We returned by bus. A tire-some one. But i had a heavy bag of experiences with me, quite prescious one.

The next day i had class. The day after, i reached angadipuram by noon. Again food time. I shared with Aslam. The last class was for teachers. they were really the ignorant teachers as is the common phenomenon. Doesnt know anything beyond the text they teach. its high time such a situation is changed. god knows when.. Then we left. At Railway station we talked a bit with Aniwar, rather he talked to us. It was about the projects of the societies out here. Oravu, gandhi something and community radio are the terms that i remember rt now.Appu was not there. Muttashi’s mema had passed away. His muttashi. Ah, forgot to write. I was inspired by the video of an Asimo… Hey synchronised movment wrt an external object, has already been developed. Its amazing to know that they are doing it for commercial purpose rather than for research purpose.

The other thing was, i got the CD of deian etch. And the day in between the first and the last day of workshop, i had exam. I gave Fasil the algorithm for his question. (NOTE: Copying in exam is not good). In return i asked him to burn 5 copies of Etch for me… :) And for my surprise he did.. It was installed in his system also. I installed it in Mausmi’s Laptop.

I saw Spiderman 3 a few days back.. Ok. But i didnt like when he cried 2 or 3 times… There was no story. The inclusion of too much of scientific type based story looked good.This time it was some Particle Physics experiment. Old memories of Physics came down running…

A PLUS meet was there in Palakkad. As and when i entered a big laughter was heard. It was about the mails in mailing list. They all recoginse me atleast. “Quick way to get famouys”. Thats what they called it! Good meeting.

Hiran had given my no to someone in S.P.A.C.E. I was called for some workshop in Ruby.. Its in Technopark…