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Spaming my blog..

I was surprised to see the number of comments that I received to my blogs, yet too disappointed to digest the fact that all were spams! Thank god, I had took preventive measure of not publishing them without my approval. But that was not enough. Thus now I install a Captcha. So prove yourself that you are a human to comment on my blogs!

Actually I find that a bit annoying. Challenging my visitors to prove themselves are humans is quite an insult. But the world is not full of nice guys right. Hmmm. Got to accept it the way it is.

I had made a similar comment to my roomie the other day. We were talking about happiness and I was forced to state this, “Everyone has their own way to define happiness. Dont think that your happiness is the only right happiness.” Hope I didnt break his heart, but wanted to break the shell. I learned it the tough way, a bitter way.

I still dont understand how I felt that these two are similar as I mentioned in the first line of the above paragraph!!!