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Malayala Grandha Vivaram

Its a project that Krishnanunni and I did together. Most of the coding was done by him. But to make it work on the server some of the code had to be re-written and some corrections were to be made and that was done by me.

The code is written in Django. Django helps us to create web application very quickly.

The project has been hosted here. It searches the large database, that was classified in DDC by Hussain Sir. The code searches this DB and displays desired results. It also has features like Malayalam transliteration (Swanalekha Code), auto completion (pop-up), etc.

Desktop application was also created.

Its also proposed that this project be further expanded and be converted into a Library Management System (Meera is the name of the project).

The code and DB will be soon available in the website.

(Django, CSS)