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A geographic information system (GIS), or geographical information system, is any system that captures, stores, analyzes, manages, and presents data that are linked to location. GNU/Linux has an excellent application for GIS: GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System). It even has 3D visualization of GRASS data(This requires 3D layer to be added into it).

The project aims at providing the services offered by GRASS via Web.

Openlayers is a JavaScript lib that runs in client for displaying map data in web browsers. At server we run map server that serves the maps to openlayers that provide a good API and can be used to develop a rich web application.

WPS is designed to standardize the way that GIS calculations are made available to the Internet. WPS can describe any calculation and trigger its execution as a Web Service. A Python version of same has been implemented and is known as PyWPS. It can be used to communicate with GRASS.

I am trying to implement a web application that makes use of all these, thus making maximum use of GRASS.

I thank Jaisen for his valuable lessons on GRASS and GIS.

Pending: Coding is not yet complete. Documentation work shall be done after completion of coding.

(Python, Openlayers, PHP, WPS)