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Apparent And Real Factor And The Universe

This was a paper I wrote several years ago. It was an exciting time! The language used is thus a bit different! :)

One of the basic things accompanying any science is measurement. When we say we are measuring 10cm (or anything for that sake) we are taking the basic reference, which gives us the universally accepted 1m, then measure 1/10th of it and thus get the desired 10cm. This is also similar in case of any measurements: measurement of time, weight, intensity etc.

These measurements refer to basic references that exist in the space-time, with help of which the measurement is done and is expressed in terms of those references. These references being a part of space-time is an important point to note. This is because even if the space-time change by any circumstance the measurements done in that system still will give the same values as they would also have been affected by the change in space-time, thus nullifying the change.

These changes are and will always be unknown to us. By no means will we be able to measure these changes, as we are also part of the very same space-time. Of course, these changes are never going to affect us. Corresponding changes occur everywhere and the entire system will be similar to its “pre-change” state.

Let us now try to see this from a different place.

Let us try to measure using original 1m!!! At different times it (1m) will be different if and only if there had been an unchanging basic reference outside the space-time with respect to which we could track the changes in our 1m. For experimental purpose let us assume that such a reference is available for us. This reference is such that it helps us get 1m anywhere, anytime and under any situation.

Now let us go to the big bang… It all began from a point!!! So does it appear to be true when we try to measure that tiny universe “before” the big bang. It indeed is very much smaller than our unchanging 1m reference. Big bang occurs, everything we see now comes to existence. What a big universe it is now! Again we measure the universe with our reference. Now, it is very much smaller than the universe. Thus exactly in concordance with what we see! Our universe is indeed vast!

But the entire experiment was conducted with a big mistake: the unchanging basic reference. It indeed is a big mistake as such a thing, unchanged by changes within the universe, is not at all possible. Hence we will have to make corresponding corrections in our interpretation. Looking from within the universe (as we cant be outside it!) we will have that 1m that changes with the changes in universe and not that 1m that will remain unaffected. All the measurements made within the universe (of course, that alone is possible) are the apparent measurements, as they will change (with change in time) with respect to that imaginary unchangeable 1m (the real measurement and the impossible one!). The real measurement is only an imaginary thing even though the term is misleading.

The concept can be further clarified if one consider black hole. This is the best reference where the absolute and apparent references (of 1m, for eg.) can be taken. Black hole is a point from outside but a universe itself from within (wormholes??).

With these references the statement “…the entire system will be similar to its “pre-change” state” reveals its importance. The universe is infinitely large now (as we see so from within the universe) and so would it be at the so-called event of big bang (as, if we were to measure we surely would have been within the universe than witnessing the event from outside!). Thus “the entire system is similar to its old state”. Universe in its history and future will remain same, rather it would APPEAR TO REMAIN SAME EVER.

This can perhaps also be obtained energy-wise, thermodynamically etc in the similar fashion (think!). The same result also follows from Relativity though the contrary is much more famous and well established. It narrates about the existence of viewer’s own space, time and mass references. Viewer has the privilege of measuring things in his own way. Perhaps that is too much of a freedom!!

Mahesh Mukundan. 04th October 2005.