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My God! Am I really working on SAS?

Something I never thought I would do, but ultimately I am here. I am working on a tool! Configuring it to the need of the client. Man! I used to mock people who used to do that. I dont see any fun in this.

But yes, I got to learn a new domain, a new world called SAS and the business and ideas and many such stuff related to the world of Campaigns and Analytics and “SQL” (GRRRRRRR). Oh, I almost forgot - intra personal skills as well!!!! Working in a community or a startup is nothing compared to this - politics, ego and being irresponsible! Learning lot of stuff!

Do you know where not to use for loops? People here knows! But learned about the power of the SQL then. But it was not significant enough in our use case - but yes, that was a learning! Yet to complete that particular piece of code. Hopefully I will do that in next few hours. Damn, I am sleepy. Still not out of yesterday’s night out.

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