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Workshop on RUBY

Hmmm.. Two days in Techno Park, Trivandrum, was quite interesting one… I was sponsered by an organisation called SPACE. Sajjad had called me and asked me to attend the workshop. It was Hiran who introduced me to them..

I reached there a day before and stayed with ramesh. The next day moring i was there in the Park Center(my God, it was a beautiful building), the place were the meeting was. The room was called Travancore Hall. A big spacious one. The registration fee was 250 for students, but mine was paid by SPACE (though i accidently paid it first).

The guy who taught was Warren N (something…) Its too tough to pronounce :)

he is a big puli. Heard that he just passed his 10th and was into buissness. he worked half of the time in US though based in Mumbai.. He started with some basics in Ruby.. I didnt understand much though. It required a lot of prequisites. Ruby itself doesnt demand much from you, but the class he took was mostly on web hosting. Somewhat like a comparitive study between Java, PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby. I understood how the web2.0 was woking and what is keeping people out there so busy.

Web 2.0 was 2nd days topic. I had a chance to read a book on Servlets an JSP. That helped me unbderstand what was taken the previous day.. Unni and Anil had come from GEC, Thrissur. I killed them with my challi’s :)

I met with a guy who was working in CDAC. Well they are doiung a lot of work. And they have much more potential. Jan Shadabdi was running with a GPS module in it that displays the current location in the compartments. Another project of their is the state wide WAN in kerala for Government communication. It has a great scope. The band-width will be free for another 10yrs. It may be used for complete e-governence, police integration etc. Testing done at Kollam :) wow…

Hmm.. dont remember any other thing rt now.. Well i feel like working for this one, e-governence..