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Some of the projects I have done:

  1. Implementation of SIC using mirco-controllers
  2. Micro-controller based distance and direction tracking
  3. Network controlled Robot with vision
  4. WiFi based location tracking
  5. Universal Package Manager
  6. Implementation of VFS in ReactOS
  7. Implementation of Malayalam Calender
  8. Multi-touch Tracker
  9. Web GIS
  10. Malayala Grandha Vivaram
  11. GNU HURD Live CD/ Installer
  12. Crawl and Search using Lucene backend and RoR with CouchDB.
  13. Graphs on HTML5
  14. Amazon Affiliate on iPhone (iAffiliate)
  15. Vonage Calls on iPhone (HelloBol)
  16. Handheld billing device for Timber Mill
  17. Keeping track of stock of items in shop
  18. Expert System for land slide prediction (with ANN and fuzzy)
  19. Accounting Software (for Balamandiram)
  20. travelmob.com (moved to homeaway)
  21. Campaign Analytics
  22. Grassious
  23. Campaign Management Solution (SAS)
  24. Ad Tracker (WIP)
  25. KADU