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Webpacker hot-reload (HRM) in Docker
Elixir in docker
Challenge - Fayoum
Having fun with docker
From QEMU and XEN to VirtualBox, Vagrant and Docker
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I have an idea!
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JS - Powerful language
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Compat wireless - Jay Ho!
Cairo - draw like you draw on paper
JMF - A great thing indeed
Dataone can be used via USB
Communication API, JAVA
Working with drawing..
My first good post to the list!!!
Hurd Installation... Its cool
Workshop on RUBY
My experiments with Praveen!!


Moved away from Drupal to Jekyll, a new change in Germany!
Happy new year!
Finally, the project is ready to go live!
I cant lie???!!!!
An old physics paper of mine
Site updated
Height of Insanity!
The Social Network
John Nash
Spaming my blog..
After a holiday!
Successfully imported my old blogs
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Thrissur Pooram